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Our mission is to pioneer a holistic approach to air pollution analysis. Using innovative technology, we provide individuals and business partners with precise insight into air pollutants, their effect on health and the environment at any time and in every corner of the Earth.

Thanks to the team's over 40 years of experience, we have been able to innovate the way of processing and analyzing data of key air pollutants and personalize the health impact based on each individual person's different sensitivity levels.

Breathe with confidence.

Breathe with confidence. Addressing the critical issue of individual sensitivity to various air pollutants, we go beyond generic measures and provide specific interpretations of each user's health concerns.

Scanning the RESPIRA QR code provides insight into the current state of air quality. The QR code is placed by the module owners at the entrance to the space.


RESPIRA was created for:

  •  homes
  •  businesses
  •  shopping centers
  •  gyms
  •  catering establishments
  •  schools and kindergartens
  •  ...and others!

Aware of the difference in each person's level of sensitivity to critical air pollutants, we provide an individual approach through customized data, information, notifications, and advice.

RESPIRA for enterprises

  •  Complete monitoring of air quality in your premises.
  •  Analysis and reports on the impacts of 9 key parameters on the environment and the health of individuals staying in the space.
  •   Advice, information and notices for making cost-effective decisions and reducing the negative impact on the environment.


10 / m.
12 / m.
Moldule owner
96 / y.

Basic features for up to 40 users.

120 / y.
Vlasnik modula

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is measured by PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particles?
PM10 detects particles smaller than 10 µm, PM2.5 detects particles smaller than 2.5 µm and PM1 detects particles smaller than 1 µm. PM10 contains PM2.5 and PM1 particles, and PM2.5 contains PM1 particles.
How much data is collected in one day?
1,440 data were collected daily for each parameter, that is, a total of 12,960 data were collected daily.
Can the location of the RESPIRA module be changed?
Of course. Simple installation and small dimensions of the device lead to an easy change of the location of the module depending on the needs and wishes of the user.
When does the measurement start after installing RESPIRA and when can relevant data be expected?
The module starts measuring immediately, and full stabilization and relevant data are expected in 60 minutes.
For which spaces is the RESPIRA module intended?
The Respira module is intended for indoor use.
How long is the RESPIRA module warranty?
The warranty is 24 months and refers to proper handling.

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